Monday, July 9, 2012

The Facebook

We don't post here very often anymore. It's kinda sad.

The problem is that it's just so much easier to post things to facebook.

Is there anyone out in the world (wide web) who reads this stuff and is NOT part of our facebook family? If so, you should probably just find us there...or raise your internet hand and tell us that it matters if we post here or not.

Mom says she has a big, long post swimming around in her head, but it might end up on her own blog page.

Here's a clue as to what the post will be about...

Love that girl!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Geocaching Adventure


Mom is always on the lookout for a fun thing that we can all do together. We decided that we’d try out “geocaching.”

It’s kinda like a big treasure hunt. People go out and hide stuff around town, mostly along hiking trails, parks, and other public outdoor places. Then they go and put the coordinates of the hiding spot on the computer (check out

To find a treasure, you just look on the map, get the coordinates of a hiding place, and go find it! We used the GPS on Mom’s phone to help us get to the right spot. Then you have to use the clues to find the container that is hidden there.

Yesterday we tried our first adventure. We headed down into Ruffin Canyon, right by our house. It was an awesome walk, and we found our first hidden treasure. Of course, we didn’t take any pictures…but we had so much fun that we went and found another one that same afternoon.

Today we set out again to hike and find some more treasures. This time we headed into the north end of Tecolote Canyon.

Ryan and I taking off from the trail head.


You HAVE TO throw rocks in the water. It’s the rule.


Our first find of the day!


We sat down to open up the container and see what was inside.


This one had a bunch of neat little toys in it. We each got to choose one to take with us. But the rule is that if you take something, you have to leave something. We left Legos in this one…


This little drum was the toy that Ryan chose.


Each cache also has a paper or notebook that is the ‘log book.” Everyone that finds it writes down their name and the date. This one was pretty new, just from this year. Some of the others we found were a couple of years old!


After you sign the book and swap out treasure, you have to hide the container back where you found it.


Make sure to take lots of breaks!


This was our second find of the day. This one had tons of fun things in it. We each chose a bouncy ball, and we left some matchbox cars there.


Look at all of this treasure!


Our senior guide.


A “cache” container which looks just a tiny bit like a peanut butter jar…


We will be posting more about these adventures soon. We had such a great weekend searching for stuff together!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The progression of an outing with a two year old...

Happily eating popcorn, watching the dolphin show.

Riding the SkyRide over the bay and laughing. 

Refusing to acknowledge your mother exists by avoiding eye contact, turning your body into jelly, and sinking into the sidewalk.

Passing out before leaving the parking lot.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Big News, Big Boys

We just got back from the store with my new present.

Just like Jacob, I was bribed to poo in the potty. The bribe is that I could go to the toy store and pick out any toy that I wanted.

Yesterday, I finally gave in and did it. I took off all of my clothes, removed my diaper, and then pooped in the potty. All by myself.

So this morning we went to Target to pick out my toy.

I actually walked around for a while, considering my options carefully. I was just about to pick this cool dog guitar that played dog sounds (it would have gone nicely with the cat piano that we already have), but then we walked down one more aisle. And I saw IT.

I needed a scooter. I’ve been thinking about scooters a lot lately. This is mostly because Jacob has been talking about scooters a lot lately.

My choice was easy. A new scooter!

Somehow, Jacob managed to come home with one, too. It actually made it a more fun toy for me since I don’t have to share mine, and we can ride around together.

And, since today is, strangely, a cold and rainy day, we’re cruising around together in the house on our new scooters.

Life is good.



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wanna Barf?

Maybe "cameraman" is not the best career choice for me...

Camera Hog

Mom just wanted to take a quick picture of the two of us. Apparently, Ryan was feeling a need to be in the spotlight.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Budding Photographer


Yesterday, I asked Mom if I could borrow her camera and take some pictures around our yard. Here are my favorites!